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Saelia ... Normal or not? You decide

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:02 pm
by Dulcinia
So I don't know this girl other than from selling her a few sets of leathers. I didn't sign up for the lunatic squad. This is just too crazy not to post. And this is one customer I'm ecstatic to lose.

Yesterday's log:

DRSaelia (2:35:14 PM): hey
DRSaelia (2:35:26 PM): as far as what "Wasn't good." yesterday I Felt kinda shitty about contactign you and then just being like
DRSaelia (2:35:31 PM): oh hey do you have the leathers?
IntelliSky (2:42:03 PM): yeah it's okay but I got sick and I haven't even had time to get skins

Auto Response from DRSaelia (2:42:02 PM): at an appointment.

IntelliSky (2:42:13 PM): so I'm going to make them as soon as I can
IntelliSky (2:42:21 PM): I haven't forgotten you, but I'm feeling really rough
DRSaelia (2:42:22 PM): man suru went over the top on you kinda =/
IntelliSky (2:42:32 PM): again?
IntelliSky (2:42:35 PM): lol what happened?
DRSaelia (2:42:38 PM): I know half a dozen people that are only bitchs/jackasses on the gweth
IntelliSky (2:42:45 PM): it's been awhile since I smashed him
DRSaelia (2:42:45 PM): tenteth comes to mind
DRSaelia (2:43:00 PM): like tenteth face to face = totally nice
IntelliSky (2:43:16 PM): yeah that's true
DRSaelia (2:43:26 PM): you strike me the same way
IntelliSky (2:43:35 PM): LOL
IntelliSky (2:43:44 PM): I can be a bitch face to face too!
DRSaelia (2:43:52 PM): i posted the straight line complaint on the forum btw ;x
IntelliSky (2:43:59 PM): I try to only be a bitch when I deem it necessary
IntelliSky (2:44:01 PM): LOL
IntelliSky (2:44:07 PM): yeah I read that
DRSaelia (2:44:10 PM): you replied
IntelliSky (2:44:18 PM): and I had gone to poloh cause this poor guy has been waiting forever for leather
IntelliSky (2:44:22 PM): well before I replie
IntelliSky (2:44:22 PM): d
IntelliSky (2:44:30 PM): then I realized... hey, this maze is a straight line!
DRSaelia (2:44:38 PM): yeah but NTR =/
DRSaelia (2:44:43 PM): NTR makes no sense
DRSaelia (2:44:46 PM): it's a nurveball
DRSaelia (2:44:49 PM): curveball
DRSaelia (2:45:09 PM): IRL if i need to go somewhere far awayt
DRSaelia (2:45:11 PM): away
DRSaelia (2:45:14 PM): i get on the interstate.
IntelliSky (2:45:26 PM): LOL we need an interstate!
DRSaelia (2:45:31 PM): and while not totally straight they don't curveball so damn quickly
DRSaelia (2:45:34 PM): like every 20 feet
DRSaelia (2:45:53 PM): I doubt there were that many obstructions in there middle of the road
IntelliSky (2:47:01 PM): yeah but in the middle ages, they had no interstate
IntelliSky (2:47:08 PM): you'd have to go around most trees, etc.
DRSaelia (2:49:44 PM): well
DRSaelia (2:49:50 PM): they had axes in the middle ages.
DRSaelia (2:49:59 PM): cut the tree down
IntelliSky (2:50:12 PM): LOL
DRSaelia (2:50:21 PM): the stump is a lot easier to remove then
DRSaelia (2:50:48 PM): ugh speaking of bitches =/
DRSaelia (2:50:55 PM): my sister is being one pain in the ass =/
IntelliSky (2:51:03 PM): awww
IntelliSky (2:51:07 PM): my daughter was one this morning
DRSaelia (2:51:34 PM): mom asked who was up like at 7am because she was up to and my sis was but mom couldn't see her.
DRSaelia (2:51:36 PM): no response
DRSaelia (2:51:47 PM): mom came upstairs and was like why didn't you just respond
DRSaelia (2:51:51 PM): "I didn't feel like it."
DRSaelia (2:52:13 PM): she went to arby's a few nights prior mom was like couldn't you at least tell me before you go out
DRSaelia (2:52:20 PM): she was like "GOD I WAS ONLY OUT A FEW MINUTES."
DRSaelia (2:52:31 PM): I wish I was there because my mom won't say anything
DRSaelia (2:52:48 PM): I would of just been like "Yeah well maybe other people here would want something from arbies you stupid cunt."
DRSaelia (2:53:27 PM): mom was telling me about this in the car
DRSaelia (2:54:15 PM): i was just like "What? you're surprised? I Have a list dating back at least 5 years of her pulling this kind of shit and a riot act of objections to bias on dad and yours part that when she's rude nothing happens and if i mess up at all the iron fist of death comes down on me."
DRSaelia (2:55:12 PM): "She's the more mature one too, why does anyone expect more of mr responsabilty, what's that?
DRSaelia (2:55:51 PM): I came upstairs once we got home and like pounded on her door and she was like
DRSaelia (2:55:54 PM): "WHAT WAS THAT?!"
IntelliSky (2:56:32 PM): ....
DRSaelia (2:56:31 PM): i was like "Oh just considering how I didn't appericate blahblahblahblahblahblah and blahblahblahblah and blahblahblah I just figured I'd give you something you wouldn't appericate."
IntelliSky (2:56:34 PM): wait
IntelliSky (2:56:47 PM): this is your younger sister?
DRSaelia (2:56:48 PM): older.
IntelliSky (2:56:53 PM): wow
IntelliSky (2:56:59 PM): well my younger daughter is like that
IntelliSky (2:57:09 PM): I'll tell her, tell mom we're going out (my mom lives with us)
IntelliSky (2:57:11 PM): she doesn't bother
IntelliSky (2:57:14 PM): my mother freaks out
DRSaelia (2:58:13 PM): so she was like "that was days and days ago and nobody said anything so you wait until now to punish me? and the one thing you did mention that i did to you yesterday I wasn't shouting."
DRSaelia (2:58:17 PM): i was just like "Yes you were."
DRSaelia (2:58:33 PM): she was like "Only in your perspective."
DRSaelia (2:59:24 PM): I was just like "Don't fucking play the subjectivity game with me when I met people 15 years agoa nd they left 14 only to pop back in and go OH HEY IT'S PAUL YOU PROBABLY DON'T REMEMBER ME BUT... and i'm just like 'here's your full name and a long story i remember about you'
DRSaelia (2:59:35 PM): my memory is painfully objective.
DRSaelia (2:59:48 PM): it's not really a gift either
DRSaelia (3:00:54 PM): the level and detail of things i can remember often freaks people out
DRSaelia (3:01:20 PM): talk about a lot of things bitterly as if it was just yesterday because it was to me
IntelliSky (3:01:36 PM): that's not good
IntelliSky (3:01:40 PM): my memory sucks
IntelliSky (3:01:43 PM): maybe that's a gift <g>
IntelliSky (3:01:48 PM): I forgive people too easily
DRSaelia (3:01:51 PM): they say ignorance is bliss
DRSaelia (3:01:53 PM): it really is =/
IntelliSky (3:02:31 PM): it can be!
DRSaelia (3:03:00 PM): months prior she got totally smahed and mom tried to take the alcohol from her
DRSaelia (3:03:17 PM): she wrestled mom for it and then mom started to wheeze and gasp and I had to jump in
DRSaelia (3:03:29 PM): she cold cocked me with the glass she was drinking from etc
DRSaelia (3:03:51 PM): when we finally got her out of the room she trashed the entire apartment trying to make us "sorry." for not letting her in
DRSaelia (3:04:17 PM): when she came to she felt so terrible she wouldn't talk about it but like
DRSaelia (3:04:26 PM): she doesn't seem to get it.
DRSaelia (3:04:43 PM): doesn't have a fucken' clue how visicous she can be.
IntelliSky (3:04:58 PM): damn
DRSaelia (3:05:24 PM): Warranted everything she like characterized my revenge as "pathetic."
DRSaelia (3:05:40 PM): and i was like "oh yeah, because everything you've been doing is mature."
DRSaelia (3:05:57 PM): "You're 25 and you still live at home and drink like it was your god given right, etc."
DRSaelia (3:06:23 PM): I think i'm going to mix mape syrup into her shampoo
DRSaelia (3:06:41 PM): don't ever characterize my revenge as pathetic
DRSaelia (3:06:47 PM): i can be very principled and reasoned about it
IntelliSky (3:07:06 PM): lol
DRSaelia returned at 3:55:39 PM.
DRSaelia (3:55:45 PM): well anyways uh
DRSaelia (3:55:57 PM): switch pcs atm but stay here for a bit got a q for yoyu
DRSaelia signed off at 3:56:09 PM.
DRSaelia is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.
IntelliSky (3:56:29 PM): I'm here
DRSaelia signed on at 4:08:09 PM.

Okay so that was more personal information than I'd have ever wanted to hear. But now it gets even weirder...

DRSaelia (4:08:24 PM): oh hey
DRSaelia (4:08:25 PM): Here.
IntelliSky (4:08:31 PM): hey
DRSaelia (4:08:34 PM): What'd suru did that bothered you?
IntelliSky (4:08:51 PM): are we going back to the original smashing or is she still going off about me?
DRSaelia (4:08:54 PM): The reason I want to know is it bothers me to see my best friend and a friend fighting and to boot...
DRSaelia (4:09:00 PM): if the other friend is a supplier =/
DRSaelia (4:09:11 PM): of something I don't have anyone else for.
DRSaelia (4:09:27 PM): Business relations are rough sometimes =/
DRSaelia (4:09:34 PM): Yeah originally
DRSaelia (4:09:40 PM): Sorry I'm digging so deep =/
DRSaelia (4:09:52 PM): Me and suru go back about 2 or 3 years now
DRSaelia (4:10:10 PM): he got so pissed
DRSaelia (4:10:16 PM): okay here's why it became an issue.
DRSaelia (4:10:25 PM): Suru = a guy named Gavin IRL
IntelliSky (4:11:00 PM): yeah I know
DRSaelia (4:10:58 PM): well Gavin is a pretty skilled cracker so he was going after her pass to send her to the inn to reroll after that
DRSaelia (4:11:02 PM): inital annoyance
DRSaelia (4:11:11 PM): I told him not to =/
IntelliSky (4:11:19 PM): whoa say that again?
DRSaelia (4:11:23 PM): He was trying to crack Dulcinia
IntelliSky (4:11:31 PM): really?
DRSaelia (4:11:30 PM): he knows a way to do it that would actually work too
DRSaelia (4:11:30 PM): yes
IntelliSky (4:11:45 PM): wow he's got a few screws loose if he'd resort to that
DRSaelia (4:11:45 PM): he gave up after like 3 days and decided it wasn't worth it.
DRSaelia (4:11:48 PM): oh?
DRSaelia (4:11:58 PM): me and him are both pretty brutal about revenge =/
DRSaelia (4:12:54 PM): it's just something that's happened by the general rot of society I guess
IntelliSky (4:13:35 PM): okay well the reason I smashed him is he was rattling off weapon appraisals on the gweth
DRSaelia (4:13:36 PM): we both feel that people have gotten to be too cruel and use rationalizations too much
DRSaelia (4:13:37 PM): YES!
IntelliSky (4:13:42 PM): and doing it like h/g/e/els'aw
DRSaelia (4:13:41 PM): oh my god =/
IntelliSky (4:13:43 PM): yanno?
DRSaelia (4:13:51 PM): he has RPAs too
IntelliSky (4:13:54 PM): and I suggested doing that in person
IntelliSky (4:13:59 PM): he kept doing it
IntelliSky (4:14:05 PM): and THEN he gwethed about checking roundtimes
IntelliSky (4:14:12 PM): and that was just it for me. :smash:
IntelliSky (4:14:15 PM): it's what they're for
DRSaelia (4:15:42 PM): I just refused to tell Hanryuu why i couldn't talk about it over the gweth
DRSaelia (4:15:51 PM): he was like HUH
IntelliSky (4:16:39 PM): I"m surprised he'd try to resort to that.
IntelliSky (4:19:19 PM): is that why you're in such a hurry for my leather? LOL
DRSaelia (4:19:43 PM): I'm not reallys
DRSaelia (4:19:45 PM): they sell fast though
DRSaelia (4:19:49 PM): the market is starved really
DRSaelia (4:19:57 PM): only a handful of people know you're a supplier
DRSaelia (4:20:05 PM): which is better for both of us honestly
DRSaelia (4:20:08 PM): I could hike price to 200p
IntelliSky (4:20:15 PM): well I'll make them as long as I don't find myself in the renaming pavillion or some such.
DRSaelia (4:20:21 PM): And then if they still sold well
IntelliSky (4:20:24 PM): I have storm bulls if you want those
DRSaelia (4:20:28 PM): i don't know what those go for
DRSaelia (4:20:33 PM): you're the leather supplier though
IntelliSky (4:20:40 PM): I'm selling them for 200
IntelliSky (4:20:46 PM): the app is on the dragon's egg site
DRSaelia (4:20:49 PM): it's best for everyone if you got involved with the union and consortium though
DRSaelia (4:21:00 PM): like that way if someone buys them from you and then sells at 135
DRSaelia (4:21:02 PM): =/
DRSaelia (4:21:07 PM): err
DRSaelia (4:21:07 PM): 150
DRSaelia (4:21:12 PM): you don't sell to them anymore
DRSaelia (4:21:14 PM): and I Buy more =/
DRSaelia (4:21:19 PM): I'm around 12 hours a day pratically
DRSaelia (4:21:32 PM): So i'm quickly turning into the fastest seller of anything
DRSaelia (4:21:37 PM): I'm drevid's biggest customer <<<<<<<POOR DREVID!
DRSaelia (4:21:50 PM): I hate the deflation that's going on
DRSaelia (4:21:56 PM): everyones complaining about inflation
DRSaelia (4:21:58 PM): it's like...
DRSaelia (4:22:08 PM): Plats are 5 cents each people calm down
DRSaelia (4:22:19 PM): if it's that big of a deal 20 on a trader is not that hard
IntelliSky (4:22:22 PM): ugh I don't even like that whole market
DRSaelia (4:22:38 PM): honestly
DRSaelia (4:22:55 PM): If I thought that I wouldn't get fed up and stab the manager at a grocery store or something
DRSaelia (4:23:02 PM): I wouldn't be involved =/
DRSaelia (4:23:09 PM): It bugs me ethically kinda too
DRSaelia (4:24:26 PM): I'm seriously convinced standard lines of work are not for me
DRSaelia (4:25:00 PM): I'd have to get into it to explain though
DRSaelia (4:25:21 PM): just suffice it to say reality has a way of turning idealist into sadist
DRSaelia (4:26:16 PM): back home in orlando we had this guy that used to sell flowers on the side of the road for 5 dollars each
DRSaelia (4:26:26 PM): I asked him do you work for someone or just doing this yourself
DRSaelia (4:26:32 PM): he told me he worked for someone
DRSaelia (4:26:35 PM): asked him how much he made
DRSaelia (4:26:38 PM): 6.25 an hour
DRSaelia (4:26:41 PM): it was summer, hot as hell.
IntelliSky (4:26:48 PM): :nod:
DRSaelia (4:26:51 PM): I thought about it
DRSaelia (4:26:55 PM): and I Realized that
DRSaelia (4:27:09 PM): his flowers cost the guy who grew them maybe a dollar each bundle
DRSaelia (4:27:23 PM): packaging they were wrapped in .25 cents
DRSaelia (4:28:10 PM): there was this thing just recently where trent reznor the lead of nine inch nails went down to the record label and asked them why his singles cost more than his cds themselves
DRSaelia (4:28:15 PM): they told him packaging
DRSaelia (4:28:26 PM): he replied "I pay for that my fucking self!"
DRSaelia (4:28:30 PM): which he does
DRSaelia (4:28:41 PM): so the record guy told him "Well your fans are very loyal and they'll pay anything we ask."
DRSaelia (4:29:20 PM): he was like "That's the most insulting thing I've ever heard! I spent years and years developing that fan base so you think it's okay to rip them off? FUCK YOU."
DRSaelia (4:29:27 PM): I read that article and I was just like
DRSaelia (4:30:14 PM): "...problem is that that's not just the record industry doing that, it's all of the industries. They always try to justify it via expenses out but the fact of the matter is they usually can afford to pay 5 or 10 times less than what they charge."
DRSaelia (4:30:59 PM): I went out with this one girl awhile back and she told me she was in love with me out of nowhere and then like 4 days later broke up with me. Everyone wants to chalk that sort of stuff up to the confusion of youth =/
DRSaelia (4:31:04 PM): I think that's just a cop out though.
DRSaelia (4:31:37 PM): People are completely irresponsible completely irrational completely not planning for the future many things.
DRSaelia (4:31:54 PM): I've been told so many things had so many things attempted to be rationalized to me.
DRSaelia (4:32:23 PM): But when it comes down to I end up finding that 9/10ths of people at the core are cruel selfish calculating and cold.
DRSaelia (4:32:43 PM): and have built their lifes around a string of rationalizations
DRSaelia (4:33:09 PM): so yeah if my boss pissed me off that badly and seemed to enjoy having subordinates too much.
DRSaelia (4:33:11 PM): I'd stab him.
DRSaelia (4:33:17 PM): I wouldn't regret it either.
DRSaelia (4:33:29 PM): Because that's just how I feel about people until I Get to know them
DRSaelia (4:34:26 PM): people are instinctively programmed to be that way
DRSaelia (4:34:29 PM): they're always number one
DRSaelia (4:34:33 PM): but we live in the age of plenty
DRSaelia (4:34:38 PM): it's not like we're at some kind of fammon
DRSaelia (4:34:44 PM): yet...people still starving
DRSaelia (4:34:50 PM): still homeless, still just all of that suffering.
DRSaelia (4:35:31 PM): and we just kind of sit here and there are these people that are sitting there ontop of oddles and oddles of cash and power and they give token ammounts to try and win public support to help those people
DRSaelia (4:35:40 PM): you never see them giving up 90% of their wealth or something
DRSaelia (4:35:48 PM): it's always a fraction of a percent
DRSaelia (4:36:12 PM): and society seems to clot around them like some kind of body function trying to repair a wound whenever you call it inexcusable
DRSaelia (4:36:34 PM): like it's people's god given right to be selfish because yippee capitalism
DRSaelia (4:36:55 PM): i believe in the free market but society doesn't seem to recognize the difference between greed and ambition
DRSaelia (4:37:47 PM): when I feel the need to say something these days it has to be loud and drastic because it doesn't pierce the wax in people's ears any other way
DRSaelia (4:38:11 PM): sorries =/
DRSaelia (4:38:12 PM): tangent
IntelliSky (4:39:36 PM): feel better?
DRSaelia (4:39:39 PM): sorta
DRSaelia (4:39:45 PM): the problems still there though =/

Note that she doesn't even seem to notice OR CARE that I'm not responding. God!

Then today, the MOMENT I Log on AIM:
DRSaelia (12:36:28 PM): oh hey by the way
DRSaelia (12:36:35 PM): they over turned brown vs the board of education.
DRSaelia (12:36:42 PM): ...hello resegeration..
DRSaelia (12:36:55 PM): why are we not in the streets shooting people who agree with the notion wherever we can find them?
IntelliSky (12:37:16 PM): Um I don't really like the political thing
DRSaelia (12:38:11 PM): =/
DRSaelia (12:38:22 PM): Because we don't want to hear it anymore ever =/
DRSaelia (12:38:35 PM): everyone just stoped caring when it got bad
DRSaelia (12:38:53 PM): it's more than that it's annoying to them too.
DRSaelia (12:39:03 PM): the whole thing is so rage inducing
IntelliSky (12:39:28 PM): look
IntelliSky (12:39:45 PM): I have enough stress in my life. I don't care to hear a political debate when I turn my IMs on.
IntelliSky (12:39:47 PM): If you don't mind.
DRSaelia (12:43:39 PM): I feel ya.
DRSaelia (12:43:56 PM): I just think it's kinda right there in my face too even if i don't want it to be there.
DRSaelia (12:44:04 PM): have tried to make peace with that notion
IntelliSky (12:44:39 PM): You deal with it
IntelliSky (12:44:46 PM): I'll deal with MY rl and making your leathers
DRSaelia (12:46:45 PM): Works for me.
IntelliSky (12:46:55 PM): THANK you.
DRSaelia (12:47:33 PM): it does raise one question though
DRSaelia (12:47:48 PM): how the hell do you AVOID being outraged? it's everywhere!
IntelliSky (12:47:59 PM): okay that's it
IntelliSky (12:48:04 PM): no more leather for you. we're done
DRSaelia (12:48:52 PM): if you seriously do lack tolerence THAT much that at minute one it got annoying and poising a serious question to you in a context of genuine curiousity then the defficency is YOURS. not mine.
DRSaelia (12:48:56 PM): Learn to cope.
DRSaelia (12:49:02 PM): suffer better.
IntelliSky (12:49:07 PM): keep going. this is beautiful
DRSaelia (12:49:23 PM): oh no I will.
DRSaelia (12:49:30 PM): I would delight in drilling holes in your bones.
DRSaelia (12:49:32 PM): and tormenting you.
DRSaelia (12:49:35 PM): and i would never
DRSaelia (12:49:35 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:36 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:37 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:39 PM): regret it
IntelliSky (12:49:53 PM): keep it up!
DRSaelia (12:50:11 PM): Fuck it! you think 135 plat fucking leathers are worth compromising my entire sense of intergrityy?
DRSaelia (12:50:15 PM): you have a fucking duty to give a shit
DRSaelia (12:50:17 PM): everoyne does
DRSaelia (12:50:22 PM): you should be FINEDF
DRSaelia (12:50:24 PM): for not voting.
DRSaelia signed off at 12:50:35 PM.
DRSaelia is offline and will receive your IMs when signing back in.

Guess I'm blocked. THANK GOODNESS!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:13 pm
by Avrii
Should have asked her if she eats a lot of soy.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:14 pm
by Styil
DRSaelia (12:49:30 PM): I would delight in drilling holes in your bones.
DRSaelia (12:49:32 PM): and tormenting you.
DRSaelia (12:49:35 PM): and i would never
DRSaelia (12:49:35 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:36 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:37 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:39 PM): regret it

Thats my favorite

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:21 pm
by Alissia
Wow. Just.... wow.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:27 pm
by Veronique
Arwinia wrote:Should have asked her if she eats a lot of soy.

:? I eat lots of soy. It doesn't quite have that effect. More like smoking crack or drinking straight bleach in her case...

Message her back and post the logs, she's good entertainment.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:27 pm
by Madigan
DRSaelia (12:36:35 PM): they over turned brown vs the board of education.
DRSaelia (12:36:42 PM): ...hello resegeration..


PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:33 pm
by Styil
DRSaelia (12:36:35 PM): they over turned brown vs the board of education.
DRSaelia (12:36:42 PM): ...hello resegeration..

ya far as I can tell thats bullshit. She needs to visit Earth.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:34 pm
by Dulcinia
Shayloe wrote:
Arwinia wrote:Should have asked her if she eats a lot of soy.

:? I eat lots of soy. It doesn't quite have that effect. More like smoking crack or drinking straight bleach in her case...

Message her back and post the logs, she's good entertainment.

I think she blocked me. That's why I was telling her to keep going at the end.

And I do vote, thank you very much.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 12:37 pm
by Quanette
lol, She's probably like some 14 year old boy on summer vacation and has too much time on her hands. But I will have to remember that bone-drilling thing. That is classic.

Edit: ... N0PE11.DTL

San Francisco Chronicle - 30 minutes ago
(06-28) 10:17 PDT WASHINGTON, DC -- The Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to school integration efforts today, ruling that the Constitution forbids assigning students to particular schools because of their race, even when the goal is campus diversity.

Maybe that's what she meant?

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:00 pm
by Drevid
Unreal. I sell weapons to her, but if she goes batshit crazy on me I will stop dealing with her.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:04 pm
by Styil
Probably. Next she'll say OMGOMGOMGOMG ROE V. WADE = GONE!
Quick! Everyone to Cuba!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:11 pm
by Joshers
lol her and gavinne are both pretty screwy, shit is hilarious.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:18 pm
by Nimshar
Quanette wrote:Edit: ... N0PE11.DTL

San Francisco Chronicle - 30 minutes ago
(06-28) 10:17 PDT WASHINGTON, DC -- The Supreme Court dealt a severe blow to school integration efforts today, ruling that the Constitution forbids assigning students to particular schools because of their race, even when the goal is campus diversity.

Maybe that's what she meant?

If she couldn't tell the difference between that and Brown v. Board, she probably is a little 14 year old brat bored on summer vacation. But in that case, how the fuck did s/he find DR and pay for it? These days, I'd imagine even most latchkey parents would be saying "Why do you want to play that piece of shit? Here, I'll buy you WoW instead, so you're not an even bigger nerd. I want grandkids some day".

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:24 pm
by illjill
I love crazy ppl.

PostPosted: Thu Jun 28, 2007 1:24 pm
by Pureblade