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Postby Avrii on Mon Sep 22, 2008 2:57 pm

Here's a nice little trip down memory lane for you fuckers. Yes, I was bored at work. STOP FIGHTING AND START MAKING MORE LOGS THAT DON'T SUCK PLS. PS Courtney now you can never ever say I have never done anything for you.

Mystyrain wrote:Let me introduce myself. My game name is Mystyrain and I’ve been playing DR since it opened on AOL. Now that you know who I am I have a few things to say.

First, you can respond with your usual verbal offensiveness (and I have no illusions that you won’t) however I will not be reading along. If you feel the need to respond to me you can email me at This is the gauntlet being thrown down.

I have played DR for a long time, I have built and designed MUDs, and I have been a GM for Sony. I have seen a lot of people come and go that were disruptive but I have never seen a group of people so disgusting in all of my years online as this group. I am not including ALL of smelly cat in this, just a few “special” members and this letter is intended specifically for those “special” members (You know who you are).

I have watched as you have repeatedly hurt people I care about. I have listened as they have poured out their pain regarding incredibly public personal attacks over very private matters. I have paid attention as you have exploited their illnesses, their weight, their finances, their intelligence, their sexual preferences, their religious affiliations and their race. Shame on you. What I see is a serious lack of social conscience and a lack of any other kind of life. Is this all you really live for? Your whole existence centers on tormenting people who have done nothing to You are absolutely the most pathetic children I have had the displeasure to come into contact with.

A few months ago you crossed a line. A very serious line. I made a decision that giving you carte blanche was just ridiculous. So I (myself and no one else) created “Cleaning the Litter Box”. There you go Courtney, I know it’s been driving you nuts so I finally let you know who is behind all of it. Never guessed, hmmm? I’ve been told about how many people you have retaliated against for its creation and now you have a legitimate target. The funny thing about it was that I lost interest in you and the site in a few weeks. You are just not very important in my life and since I tend to stay very busy I just didn’t have time for you anymore. That’s not to say that I won’t pick it up again sooner or later, it’s just to say that you couldn’t hold my interest long. However, it seems that LJ and I stay in your thoughts. Our last interaction with you and your “special kids” was over a year ago and you still attack LJ every opportunity you get. Did she turn you down or something? You couldn’t hold her interest either? You just can’t seem to let go of her though she doesn’t respond to you and she does her best to have no interaction with you at all.

And Volentri, Maries and Leelah. What did they ever do to you for you to be SUCH a bitch to them? Oh, that’s right. You do it because you can. Well, that’s why I created CLB. Poor Luty. I have never met him and doubt I ever will but he sure seems to have taken some heat for CLB. My deepest and most heartfelt apologies go to whoever may have felt your pitiful wrath because of my site. You can direct it at me now but be warned, I will not “role-play” with you the way you want me to. I will report you for harassment if you take this OOC conflict in game. I’ve said that from the beginning. You can maintain a war with me on your little site but keep it out of game. Make no mistake, this is directed at Courtney just as Courtney directed her disgusting little attacks at the players of characters, players that she never even bothered to get to know in real life before tossing about real life slurs.

I have received several emails about Courtney, about the person she is and the person she isn’t. I came away from CLB just feeling sorry for her and her life. She (and several others here) need help from several different types of doctors/professionals. But these things I have kept, and will continue to keep, to myself. Because they are embarrassingly personal things from people close to her and I am not Courtney. I could never bring myself to expose such things about another person. The only thing I will say about it is that those who live in glass houses shouldn’t cast stones.

Dig up what you will about me. My life is an open book. There is nothing I’m ashamed of. In fact, you can visit for a jumping off point prepared just for you. Yes, I’m older. No, I’m not as slim as some of you. Yes, I live an exciting alternative lifestyle. I’ve also accomplished much in my life (something I doubt you will ever be able to say), raised two wonderful children who would never even dream of doing to people what you do to people, live in a gorgeous home and lead an exciting and full life that SOMETIMES includes a game called DragonRealms. So dig all you want. Or better still, come to me and ask. You have my IM information and now you have my email information. I check my email at irregular intervals but I will respond if you can manage to contain your juvenile tendencies long enough to have a coherent conversation.

With Utmost Sincerity,

Mystyrain aka Admin

P.S. The “hapless soul” in the beautiful picture that Courtney submitted on your boards would be my Lord and Husband, Simon.

ImageImage PLUS Image = lolwtf

Meat Tubes

Oh Edgee how you've grown up
In Ur Afterglow (9:02:54 PM): so my sister was talking to Mike at billing yesterday - cant even remember why she called - anyway - she called and somehow they started talking about Edgee and my sister was like he is fucking nuts, we met hin new york and he is scary - he got drunk and was saying he was going to go kill the smelly cat whores.. but anyway, Mike was like "That Courtney is hot, I met her at Simucon"

[Ragran] "man you impressin me phii"
[Ragran] "didnt target though"
[Phii] "Get your sissy ass back here."
[Ragran] "i will...must take you seriously going forward."
[Ragran] "you nailed me no armor...that made me look silly..."
[Ragran] "i am going to keel you now"
* Ragran was just struck down!
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "truth is...stopping playing makes one's skills evaporate"
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "i really dont know the game anymore"
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "nice keel you bastage"
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "but stealing and causing trouble is
whisp ragran Er...are you trying to explain why you suck?
You whisper to Ragran.
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "sweetheart, im so disconnected from this game, your life, i have no ego in here anymore"
whisp ragran So thats your explaination as to why you suck. Gotcha.
You whisper to Ragran.
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "and trying to be nice to not sure you're as retarded as your friends"
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "heh okay yea that my explanation"
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "heh...maybe youll get bored in here too someday"
The grating, wraithlike spirit of Ragran whispers, "in the meantime keep typing ya life away "

[Laythor] "dulc but realize that as soon as I am alone, i'll be holding my cock in my hands, stroking, thiking of you"

(Zanipher carefully opens one eye and, like a ninja, rotates his head around to steal a glance at you, ensuring that you are
tearfully sobbing yourself to sleep while you ponder why men seem to give up and forget the woman after they are pleasured.)
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:27 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:30 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:33 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:35 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:36 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:40 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:42 pm]
* Moonsongshdw was just struck down! [10:43 pm]

Bukkake's body below the waist is soaked.

Darceon whispers, "I read sos"

Simonyi says, "Someone asked about two smelly cats, I answered. If you marrying Quan is derogatory, then maybe you shouldn't have done it."
Simonyi says, "Here's a simple solution. You keep your whorish hands to yourself, cause I don't know you and I don't WANT to know you. I was simply stating why there were two smelly cats."

Jhime inhales sharply, then violently spits a bolt of churning flame toward an Akhaal horse!
The incendiary spittle blasts an Akhaal horse in its abdomen!
The Akhaal horse falls to the ground and lies still.

(23:54:06) C0lettea1: you little fuck monster you so piss me off now I think I am just going to find out where you live so that I can go there and rip out your liver for entertainment you little shit eater

[Nazaruss] "jerks his upper body forward for a moment, hand slamming down to the cushion on either side of him. Arching his back and moaning loudly, a warm gushing erupts into your mouth"

From: Ylenia
To: Quanette
Posted: 12 Feb 2006 09:07 pm
Subject: About my title...
Zeltaen seems to think it's funny to change my user title to "Shitfuck report whore"

Anything you can do about it?

The person that played Starsaber when he was perma-banned from all simu-products is currently playing the character named Strange in DR Prime. Was he ever let out or is he illegally playing?


Some of you might know a ranger named Thorndavian, some of you have no idea who he is. The player has been suffering with a disabling medical condition that forms a bubble on his spine,causing pain and keeping him from working. Right now he's living in a tent, with two kids in a campground.

So if you live in Florida, and have a big about giving a fellow DR player a hand? Any kind of assistance would be appreciated..gas blankets.

His AIM is ThornDaRanga or you can email me at for me to get a hold of him. (yes this is the original Nirveli posting, I still check in now and then).

I hope you can find it in your heart and pocket to help.


Azrind says, "wifey goes to work at this time"
Raynzong grins, revealing her dimples.
Raynzong asks, "so your clear?"
Azrind says, "in every sense"
Azrind asks, "you?"
Raynzong says, "hes in shower"
Raynzong enfolds Azrind in a warm embrace.
Azrind nods.
Azrind pulls Raynzong close in a slow, lingering kiss.
Raynzong pulls Azrind close in a slow, lingering kiss.
Azrind says, "i keep thinking of our future"
Azrind smiles.
Raynzong smiles at Azrind, revealing the dimples in her cheeks.
Raynzong says, "me too"
Azrind says, "and daydream of things that may happen to expedite the process"
Raynzong peers quizzically at Azrind.
Raynzong asks, "like?"
Azrind says, "....if wifey were to get me angry to the point where i move out..."
Raynzong smiles, revealing dimples in her cheeks.
Azrind says, "i'd stay with a friend in town..."
Azrind says, "and then be free to make weekend trips...somewhere"
Raynzong beams!

[Lower Bank of Ratha, Atrium]
A wide expanse of cool sea-foam green marble stretches across this noble room. Far overhead, crystal panes set within a spidery framework of gilded wrought-iron provide ample light that seems to intensify every color. Lofty arches on three sides lead to the various banking departments: The Bursar for foreign currency exchange, the Cashiers for regular banking transactions and the Bourse for private sales. You also see a tiny dart, the Exchange Bursar, some massive doors, the Cashiers, a waste basket, and the Auction Bourse.
Also in the room: Crachim, Izude, Lowkee who is sitting, Madame Pawgetz who is lying down, Eljer, Chaperone Purrvora who is sitting, and Holy Warrior Prisania.

Your mind hears Prisania thinking, "she just delivered 1 beautiful lil girl"
Your mind hears Averalaan thinking, "congrats Pawgetz"
Your mind hears Uris thinking, "mazal tov Paw and Eljer" (lol Uris is Jewish)

You see Madame (a thief Instructor) Pawgetz, a Prydaen.
You see Eljer Airius, an Elf.

Pawgetz says, "nooo"
Pawgetz says, "it hurts"
Pawgetz begins an eerie, warbling wail of despair.
Vinisi falls to the ground laughing hysterically! ( I agree )
Pawgetz doubles over, clutching her belly and moaning.
Pawgetz makes a grunting noise.
Lowkee works carefully at tending his wounded right hand.
Pawgetz says, "ahhhhhhh"
Vinisi leaps to her feet!
Pawgetz makes a grunting noise.
Pawgetz doubles over, clutching her belly and moaning.
Eljer praises Pawgetz.
Purrvora says, "here it comes"
Pawgetz says, "not fast enough"
Pawgetz makes a grunting noise.
Pawgetz doubles over, clutching her belly and moaning.
Pawgetz pants.
Suik came through the Auction Bourse.
Suik casually observes the area.
Eljer says, "short breaths"
Purrvora says, "alright now the shoulders"
Lowkee sets about picking the steel crate...
You hear a soft click from the crate.
Pawgetz makes a grunting noise.
Lowkee puts his lockpick in his small amulet.
Crachim smiles.
Eljer says, "push love"
Lowkee opens his steel crate.
Crachim went through the Auction Bourse.
Lowkee picks up some copper coins.
Eljer says, "almost there"
Purrvora says, "ahh"
Purrvora says, "another little little girl"
Zehek comes out of hiding.
Zehek's eyes roll back in his head as his knees buckle causing him to collapse in a heap to the ground.
Eljer lets out a hearty cheer for Pawgetz!
Purrvora says, "Eljer, your youngest"
Purrvora trills softly at Llyssia.
(Llyssia slowly begins to turn blue.)
You see Novice Llyssia, a Prydaen Cleric.
She has pointed ears and cat-slitted crystal blue eyes. Her blue-black mane is long and wavy, and is worn tied back. She has blue-grey fur with a silver belly with silver marbling and a slender tail.
She is young for a Prydaen.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing nothing special.

Pawgetz says, "am i done now"
Purrvora says, "yes sweetie your done"
Eljer offers Pawgetz a sleeping Prydaen baby doll wrapped in rose felt blankets.
Purrvora says, "Eljer, you going to hog them both "
(Llyssia coughs repeatedly, and slowly begins to regain normal color.)
Eljer smiles at Llyssia.
Pawgetz says, "mother whats wrong with the other one"
Purrvora rests her hand on Llyssia's arm with a soft smile.
Purrvora says, "well dearest, she is just alot smaller than your first"
Purrvora says, "let me see her Eljer"
(Llyssia lies there limply.)
Purrvora rubs Llyssia gently, massaging her muscles.
Your mind hears Vinisi thinking, "someone get an empath, there is a prydaen in the bank that needs to be euthanized"
Pawgetz says, "mother do something"
Eljer smiles as he gently hands Llyssia to Purrvora
Llyssia shivers.
Purrvora says, "hold on, let me grab that fur pelted cloak for the little one"
(Llyssia instincltively curls up to Purrvora's warmth, nuzzling about hungrily.) CHRIST
Purrvora says, "Eljer, you do not let any out of your sight"
Purrvora stands up.
Pawgetz's eyelids droop slightly as she utters a low, affectionate trill at Llyssia.
Izude carefully makes another fold in his paper.
Eljer moves over to guard Llyssia.
Purrvora says, "smile lly"
Purrvora gives Llyssia a smooch.
Maries says, "wow, look at was born a cleric" (HAHAHA)
(Llyssia big blue eyes widen as she slowly surveys her surroundings.)
Lowkee sets about picking the ironwood skippet...
Purrvora says, "the gods picked"
Llyssia angles her ears forward in curiosity
Maries appears to be trying hard not to grin.
Pawgetz's eyes roll back in her head and she goes completely limp!
Llyssia sneezes.
Eljer grabs Pawgetz by the shoulders and shakes her!
Chaperone Purrvora came through some massive doors.
Purrvora gets a cloak of soft silvery fur clasped with a polished tooth from inside her black haversack
Purrvora says, "Eljer "
Purrvora says, "give this around your baby
Eljer offers Llyssia a cloak of soft silvery fur clasped with a polished tooth.
Llyssia accepts Eljer's fur cloak
Llyssia drapes a cloak of soft silvery fur clasped with a polished tooth around her shoulders.
Purrvora rubs Llyssia gently, massaging her muscles.
Purrvora's eyelids droop slightly as she utters a low, affectionate trill at Llyssia.
Llyssia smiles weakly, as she feels fur enshroud her granting its warmth.
Llyssia trills, her ears relaxing minutely back against her head.
Purrvora asks, "Eljer did you see your wife had passed out?"
Purrvora says, "here let me help you sweetie"
Pawgetz says, "i dont wanna do that again kk" I don't want you to do it again either.
Purrvora says, "sweetie in a couple days you will forget trust me"
Lowkee asks, "forget about giving birth?"
Lowkee asks, "haha how?"
(Llyssia coo's, big blue eyes peeking out from beneath silvered lashes.)
You hear someone giggle.
Pawgetz says, "thats what i say"
Purrvora says, "she will, we all do, or our races would all die out"
(Lowkee acts confused)
Pawgetz says, "love, can i hold our other daughter"
You say, "I was born from a solid foam of water, birthed upon the sea fully grown and naked, my hair swathed about me as a robe."
Purrvora says, "it would explain alot i see"
Purrvora smiles at you.
You hear the voice of Maries ask, "how many did you pop out?"
Pawgetz hugs Llyssia, who wraps her arms around Pawgetz with a warm smile.
Pawgetz says, "i had 2"
Pawgetz says, "two beautiful babies"
Ilander exclaims, "Don't worry! Nurse is here!"
Ilander asks, "Where's the kittenchute?"
Purrvora asks, "excuse me?"
(Llyssia snuggles up to her mama, drifting off to sleep.)
Ilander says, "I'm here to deliver the kitties."
Pawgetz's eyelids droop slightly as she utters a low, affectionate trill at Llyssia.
Pawgetz trills softly at Llyssia.
You say, "You're late, alas.
Purrvora says, "and in the wrong place"
Ilander asks, "Huh?"
You hear the voice of Maries ask, "does 2 qualify as a litter?"
Purrvora says, "there were no kittens born here"
You hear the voice of Maries ask, "are you sure you don't have more in there?"
Ilander says, "What do you mean? I heard there were kittens being delivered right here."
Purrvora says, "if you will excuse us, Paw stand dear"
Ilander asks, "What are their names?"
Chaperone Purrvora's group came through some massive doors.
Eljer stands up.
Ilander ponders.
Purrvora holds hands with Llyssia.
Eljer joins Purrvora's group.

Th God of Wine (10:45:44 AM): I'm getting married next yaer.
Th God of Wine (10:45:46 AM): Year, even.
IntelliSky (10:45:55 AM): to whom?
Th God of Wine (10:47:09 AM): The player of Elabela.
IntelliSky (10:47:54 AM): ....
IntelliSky (10:48:23 AM): I'm not sure whether to say congratulations or if I should just offer you both my condolences, but if you're happy, wtg.
Th God of Wine (10:48:38 AM): You should say, "Congratulations, dear."
Th God of Wine (10:48:52 AM): Because I swore off marriage a few years ago.
Th God of Wine (10:49:17 AM): I took an oath and signed it with blood.
IntelliSky (10:50:33 AM): okay congratulations
IntelliSky (10:50:40 AM): you're both equally whacked out
Th God of Wine (10:50:47 AM): Exactly.
IntelliSky (10:51:15 AM): how far apart do you two live?
Th God of Wine (10:51:31 AM): She's in Savannah, GA.
Th God of Wine (10:51:48 AM): I'm in the Lemonwood neighborhood of Oxnard, CA.
Th God of Wine (10:51:49 AM): So.
Th God of Wine (10:51:50 AM): I'm moving.
IntelliSky (10:52:22 AM): how many times have you actually met in person?
Th God of Wine (10:52:53 AM): Zero.

Catullus whispers, "afk scripting is cheating"

* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 11:32 AM CST
* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 11:35 AM CST
* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 11:59 AM CST
* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 1:43 PM CST
* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 1:54 PM CST
* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 1:58 PM CST
* Pawgetz was just struck down! - 2:01 PM CST

You kick Nimshar!
You kick Nimshar!
You kick Nimshar!
Nimshar says, "I do believe that constitutes consent"

[Emeraldrage] "Most of the island is related you know"
[Kobmand] "Nope, they weren't blood related. Just Unca Benan married Aunt Kattandra. and then...."
[Kobmand] "Unca Naulie married Aunt Lys."
[Kobmand] "And Finally Unca Garwain married Aunt Catasina."

[Pythol] "any clerics available to do a divorce? my wife decided to become someones pet or something freaky like that.. i've got the dirvoce rose and blade"
[Pythol] "still looking for a cleric to divorce me from my wife who is Teel who is Ainandil's sexual pet"

AndrogynOmnibus (9:18:25 AM): what is that movie theater out there, I'd come there and I will fight you, I don't give a fuck, I will bend your arms back and make you tell me your DR password

On Martyka's stone market table you see a white glazed clay jar painted with a grey knotwork maze and fitted with a silver rim labeled "Sindea Ashes",
Martyka says, "its not for sale, is the final resting place of my dear friend Sindea"
Martyka says, "whom walked the starry road today "
A glazed jar on a stone market table exclaims, "Help me! I'm not dead yet!"

The Bete Noire: There is a virulent god watching you.
pet a 40oz: Sweet. Is he hot?
The Bete Noire: You'll find out.
The Bete Noire: Let me know.
pet a 40oz: When?
pet a 40oz: When will I find out?
pet a 40oz: Well if you ever find out let me know so I can pencil him into my schedule.

theholywon wrote:I was referring to the fact that I'd beat him up, spit on him. Then take my money that I paid him upfront for trying and then money he'd owe me for fighting like a girl.

"Now it's time for me to flex my emuscle. You or your girlfriend Adakin could never kick my ass. period. You'll never be as successful as I am in life. You obviously care about what people here think and say about you as you can't stop posting replies."

Kolaisa, you are still a bitch. Either one of us could kick your ass. More then likley without too much of a hassle. I was born more of a success than you could/will ever achieve. As for caring, not really, I had a good laugh today. This is about as entertainng as this shit gets. And as for stuffing me in a locker, you must've just come out of highschool or something because lockers haven't been in my common vocabulary/thoughts for a few years now. Grow a few pubic hairs then talk again. I bet you probaly wet yourself with the whole we keep posting replies comment. Sounds like some type of psychological trick that only a girl clever like you could think of. Instead I'm going to keep posting as long as I feel neccessary. If I actually cared what people said, my wrists probaly would have been slit a while ago after your first super cool reply was posted. Thanks for the entertainment folks, and I actually thought DR was getting boring! Beer anyone?

Fiji was last year scummer. I like to travel to different places across the world. Unfortunatly rumors has it Gayville, USA is your most current favorite destination. If the rumors can spread to where I am now about your ass raping I actually feel bad about what happened to you. Maybe better luck next year in Homotown? (Though most people know that as your bedroom)

Eusscorpius smiles as she raises her head, her lips blood kissed red, her body arcs side to side as she bucks her bottom over your groin to a primal beat that speaks to her alone.

You hear the voice of Qyp say, "I won't report you if you leave this hunting ground OR don't complain about my script OR don't ambush when you hunt here."

Infernos whispers, "OoC: i have TS clearance... i know all about people who keep a lot of secrets. It almost always shows a lack of self-esteem."

arathasdr wrote:Unbelievable, if this site is an representation of what the DR community has eroded too then please Phii, disregard my letter to your forum and my questions about the current state of the game. It was my error to have written you before opening up a forum account and re-reading thru post after post.


Let me explain, I started playing DR back in beta days as many of you may have, and yes, it IS a fantastic game. While the community was a little to 'scary' for me at times. (people running off and getting married ditching real life husbands/wives...playing for 24hrs straight, and not to mention how many people were losing their jobs/school and just not caring about REAL life) there were always those few you ran into that over-turned the dirty outlook.

....Not so on Smelly Cat...

I found you guys yesterday after doing searches for old logs of DR and looking for more info. I found some sites with new updates, pictures of simucon, and then eventually bumped into this site. I'm wishing I never had.

Post after post so much anger. Some of the names in here I recognize from DR years ago. Whether it was killing you or just slapping you around a little bit everytime I walked in front of the bank. (If your wondering who side I usually lean on lets just say I never had a problem with Aldaren and his 'general' attitude)

There is a way of RPing in a tasteful manner or even bashing on someone who deserves it, but some of these posts are just out-right wrong. You disregard all form of morality or general well being for someone because your cracked out on a VIDEO GAME??? And dont even get on here telling me your not, its a proven addiction and stimulus to the brain and is being added medical books. I WAS addicted and I openly admit the adverse effects this game can have or ANY game on someone.

I've ranted and raved enough. I'm not anyone's father/mother here, and i'm not even that old, but my goodness some of you really need to turn your "wizard" screen off and realize that life is precious and so are people. My final word of this 1st post and possibly last...A slight disection of what eventually pushed me over the top to post this.

Post from KOLAISA.

***absolutely uncalled for and just messed up***

I'm gonna break down how absolutely mind-cracked you are, and possibly in 10 years when DR shuts its server down, thus ending your IV, you might look back and realize just how ignorant you sound.

1. You regret hearing of someones illness a "VAST" majority of the time? Wow...when did you become the higher power or God himself and decide on who deserves to die and who does'nt...sick bastard.

2. "SAD NEWS" as a guild being burned down or a GM leaving??? Are you fricking kidding me? For one the GM/GH is obviously leaving, and in a very very sad way. Did you even bother to research and look for a pic of this poor lady? The fact that your even comparing a REAL PERSONS LIFE/DEATH TO A TEXT IDEA OF A GM LEAVING AND GUILD BURNING DOWN IS SO MESSED UP. I cant even tell if your a guy or girl and refuse to research anymore of your posts after reading this one.

3. Wow, seriously your going somewhere in life. "I feel terrible that this lady will die in a short period of time ...but kiss my ass." Oh yea, you sound like you really do feel terrible. "dribble in a game".. your right, what should be done is possible festival so you can get some new 'leet' gear in DR and shoot, maybe if anyone meets in the Xing for a small funeral or to say something nice about her and memories of the past, you can steal the flowers and possibly turn it into a fashion show of your apparently uplifting view on life.

4. Your lucky I sold off my character, I had a bad little habit of chopping people's heads off and no, you would'nt have done a thing to me. I was one of the highest circled players IG at the time. If you can think back to the Paladin Michael and how everyone worshipped how high level he was...lets just say lil Michael hated me, and even he would'nt touch me. Galain on the other hand had me, but we had no issues with each yes you would have received a nice HALT and "slice neck".

You wont be seeing me post on here much. For anyone i've offended that is a regular on these boards I do apologize too. Even the above poster, but you really really need to learn to think before you speak. People out there are hurting, and its bad enough when someone who apparently is functioning well enough along to keep playing DR comes along and plays the heartless bastard. Even if that person was you right now after posting something like that...

I would still hope and wish you well in a sad state of circumstance as one such as this.


(P.S I think that Myrta one time did in fact help me IG back when I played...think she carried around a cup of coffee...was cute. and No, I will not be giving out who I played years ago...)


Krystalkitty says, "i was taken advantage of, forced to watch my whole village murdered and then beaten to within an inch of my life"
Krystalkitty says, "the raiders of my village forced themselves on me. they took that which you still have"

Daerlynn sings in an alto voice:

"Oh Momma! Oh Momma!
I feel like such a fool!
I try to kiss their stomachs, but...
They all push me towards their...."

Daerlynn exclaims, "........ Well, you know!"

* A meteor streaks across the sky as a Celesi's soul departs forever to walk the Starry Road.

You hear Lamaya yell, "I hope ye fuckin have fun with my stuff!"

Gyren Knows

You are Speaker Shadeau Moonith Dictator of the Order of the Black Fox, a Prydaen.
You have limp ears, bloodshot limpid hazel eyes and a bulbous nose. Your frizzy white mane is long and tangled into your wrinkled dress, and is worn loose. You have grey fur with a man-stain white belly and silver marbling, a slender tail and a gaunt figure.
You are slightly under average height for a Prydaen call-girl.
A spiral-cut winter emerald rests on your forehead, just above your eyes.
You have a tattoo of a series of boldly inked lines that start on the upper portion of the arms. Upon closer inspection, the crude lines actually appear to be covering track marks extending from the bicep all the way down to the wrists.
You are in poor shape, as you have only accepted rock as payment from your johns in the past few months and you cannot afford to feed anything other than your vices.

You are wearing a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a platinum jadeite gwethdesuan, a pair of dollar store earrings, a flea collar, a shimmering midnight black orchid with a silver triquetra clasp, a dark fox hide sack embroidered with obscene prydaen mating positions, a stuffed black fox with dingy matted fur making it hard to distinguish against the fur of the person wearing it, an alluring mistsilk chmir belted with an elegant Xibar topaz-studded moonsilk sash, a hollow crystal armband filled with fake gemstones, a silver bracelet with her pimp's name and phone number on it, an albredine crystal ring, a winter emerald and silver ring, a brown silk candy bag labeled "the bad habit", a buttery yellow tip-pouch and some mismatched high-heels studded with sequins.

[16:51] Your mind hears Aiwix thinking, "the man who raped me 2 years ago came and sat down near me. I am frozen and don't know what to do"

The grating, wraithlike spirit of Mossyoak whispers, "just don't get it....SC yer is yer ya can really what you do here to SC? I thought better of about IC, RP...what happened to ya man"

(Skilair chirps)

(Tropicalo drag Arjen onto of the fire)
(Tropicalo carefully removes an arm. MMmmm it looks tender.)

DRSaelia (4:33:09 PM): so yeah if my boss pissed me off that badly and seemed to enjoy having subordinates too much.
DRSaelia (4:33:11 PM): I'd stab him.
DRSaelia (4:33:17 PM): I wouldn't regret it either.

DRSaelia (12:49:30 PM): I would delight in drilling holes in your bones.
DRSaelia (12:49:32 PM): and tormenting you.
DRSaelia (12:49:35 PM): and i would never
DRSaelia (12:49:35 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:36 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:37 PM): ever
DRSaelia (12:49:39 PM): regret it

Tursavidus wrote:(I have a birth defect called Spina Bifida, which is classed as a neural tube defect. In the UK, stats show, nine in ten babies diagnosed prenatally with NTD's are subsequently aborted)

Why, is this board full of eugenicists too? I just walk kind of funny.

Not that it matters one iota, except that it weighs on on Caelumia's assfaced remark about the possibility of my having been an abortion

Why would I joke about something like that?

Furthermore, if you really believe what you just said, how does that make you any different from Hitler, who believed that all 'imperfect' human beings should be killed, including those with physical imperfections.

asterid wrote:I've even been killed by a GM back in 1999 when I shot her.

Jrendel wrote:I have two daughters. One is named Rainkisses and some people don't like that name so they thump her, curse her or harrass for it. she is incapable of defending herself against these people but i can do something. i'm circle 100+
i'm not triggerhappy or anything but i do believe there should be a few rules about consent conserning this.
we already assisted on someone harrasing her and what to do. they told me to come to the boards. i think this pretty much explains it. thank you.

Derovius wrote:Wow, thats in wonderful taste, I'm glad you can laugh at the deaths of others. There is an ethical line to any discussion, and you've crossed it. I'm sure many of your peers would agree.

You say, "I have heard you howl, now I want to hear you squeal as I spank you."
(Sebastienne continues to slap Celitha's ass, not very hard, but hard enough to sting just a little, the pressure sending slight shockwaves to her clitoris.)
(Celitha squeals)
You exclaim, "Squeal again!"
(Celitha squeals)
You exclaim, "again! Squeal llike a pig!"
(Sebastienne continues to slap)
(Celitha squeals like a pig)

Looking for a IG companion · on 7/17/2008 10:32:55 PM Generate a link to this post in a pop-up window. 1218
reply Reply

I'm looking for a nice in-game female companion, prefer a higher end ranger if possible, no togs, no gnomes, and no dwarfs (these don't fit my charater which is human)

I'm a mid level 90's War Mage so I would enjoy hunting with you. I've been asleep for a while (maybe a year) so I don't know that many rangers.

Catch me in game, I hang out around Theren and Rossmans. Since I'm single in RL, I'd like someone RL cute, sorry if that sounds out of place. I'm a Iraqi vet, retired from the Army and basiccaly just hang out and ride my harley's. I'd like an IG companion who would like to share some good times and have some fun. No drama please.

Player of Thunndir. I sent email to you and your admin. Apparently my photo was posted on your site. I do have a few friends left in game and some of them are on your site. It needs to be taken down for violation of privacy. Sorry had to turn on time stamp Anyhow thats my request, my removal of a personal photo that was put up on your website without my expressed permission.

Permission was never given to display my photo on a website. Thats infringement, I'm making this a formal complaint and stating my picture and personal information is to be taken down immediately for privacy reasons.

This includes web holder, SIMU, and IP holder are notified. Notice is being sent to all admin and making a noted remark that I was informed from numerous people on AIM that my photo was in fact posted.


I played a trader who was well known to a forum made up almost entirely of griefers (perhaps you've heard of it)
I ragged on one of their members and got really pissed so for 6 months they hunted down my little darling and with little or no warning would pop out of the trees and immediately decapitate me. It wasn't just one person either, it was an group effort. Every time I even managed to get one of them locked out more harassment would just ensue from one to another.
It made me wish i could break rp and pull out an ak47 and just shoot them in the head and have them immediately starry road.
Yes my post was harsh, but... Considering what I Was going thru.

Zecht says, "If you could just uh, direct me to the source of the leak. I could get right in there and fix it up."
Zecht says, "Seems you have a little buildup a few inches in, nothing a little snaking couldn't fix."
(Zecht pulls a 3 and a half foot drain snaker out from within his backpack and begins to prepare to the end for insertion.)
Rosealynn yells, ""YOU ARE MY BOSS"
(Inteals slaps Rose across the face)
You belt out, "wrong bitch tona danza is the boss"

incarna wrote:Did you misspell ban evasion in your username?

Were your chubby ass cheeto stained fingers trembling so hard at the thought of posting here that you couldn't even take the time to spell your chosen username correctly? Did they slip off the keys, greasy from years of unexpelled pizza grease and bacon drippings slowly oozing from your pores, causing your poorly taped and soldered coke bottle rimmed glasses to slide down that beak of a nose that snuffles lustily when you look at girls? Did you push it back up and take a hit off your inhaler, snorting merrily to yourself, your flabby armpit rolls flapping so hard from your jittery eagerness, so hard that you could almost be airborne, if only they could give flight to a wheezing lard elemental who's mass is just slightly under that of a typical moon? Did you giggle with girlish, simian glee, thinking to yourself "oh man I'm gonna get these guys good"? Have you pasted this link to anyone else yet? Have you eagerly announced your triumphant return to a bunch of your idiot nerd friends, hoping beyond all possible hope that at last they'll see you're worth hanging around for something besides boosting their own depressingly low self esteem? Are you going to log off after you've camped this thread for 24 hours or so, tug one out on that tiny little wooden dowel-like cock to thoughts of some underage animu^_^ girl you saw on Naruto last night, and retire to a good 14 hour sleep, exhausted from the effort of sitting upright in a computer chair and reaching for dorito after dorito?

That was all rhetorical btw, you don't have to answer.

(Krejcik spreads on leg slightly and props it up, allowing a his cock, balls and anus to display freely.)

(Wooderson rins and fucks you harder as your juices start to splash out of your drenched cunt and onto his balls and thighs.)
Wooderson says, "That was unintentional"
Wooderson says, "and not me if anyone is interested"
Wooderson says, "I swear on everything though. Not me. Embarassed that I had it, but not me."
Wooderson says, "I hope I did not offend."
Wooderson says, "And I am leaving."
Wooderson just left.

Aeraven whispers, "OOC: I don't know if this'll turn you on but in my line of work I'm constantly facing danger, I'll give you a few hints, I'm 22 and have been shot twice, I carry a gun and a badge and I live to punish and enslave....err serve and protect"
(Aeraven untucks his swordsman's shirt and pulls it up over his head, dropping it to the floor. The dull light of the cabin glints off of the platinum hoops pierced through his nipples; upon closer inspection you notice a bright white crystal imbedded in the flesh just above his heart. Weaving black lines and arcane markings spread out from the center of his well-muscled chest, trailing up over his left shoulder and down the left side of his back. He stands infront of you, an amused smirking etching across his lips as he reaches up and rubs the base of one of silver horns protruding from his forehead, just below his hairline.)

(11:20:45 PM) Woshliol: i think ill just go to the con and slap the dog fuck outta all you punk asses
(11:20:49 PM) Woshliol: i been in jail alot
(11:20:58 PM) Woshliol: i dont mind goin back to get you fuckers
tremulous wrote:Life's one big game of mafia to Sara.

<Overlord_45> look i can pay enough attention to the characters to recognize that it's really fucking funny for certain characters to take the actions that they've chosen to take in this game and also want to replace my eyes with my testicles to see if the Nadugan will awaken the power to truly purge my memory of ever watching this
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Gryck on Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:43 pm

Oh smellycat, how many crazies you have seen. And this probably isn't even half...

Good collection. A++
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Quanette on Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:48 pm

lol, best thread ever.
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Jason on Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:50 pm

That post got me to do some checking and I found out the Smelly-Cat 5 year anniversary is October 15th. :smt035
A swirling vortex of shadows draws itself from the ground and coalesces into a black Moongate, which yawns open like a hungry maw.

Aaoskar jumps back from a black Moongate!
(Aaoskar squares up with the moongate, closes his eyes, and takes a running dive through the moongate! Disappearing through the swirling vortex as he screams in terror.)
Peon Aaoskar's group went through a black Moongate ... sheet2.jpg
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Quanette on Mon Sep 22, 2008 3:51 pm

Jhime wrote:That post got me to do some checking and I found out the Smelly-Cat 5 year anniversary is October 15th. :smt035

Awww we should have a party. :D
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Gryck on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:23 pm

Jhime wrote:That post got me to do some checking and I found out the Smelly-Cat 5 year anniversary is October 15th. :smt035

Damn, five years? Doesn't feel that long. :(
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby poppyseed cake on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:28 pm

Dane stamp of approval on this fuckin thread.
[14:49] AD76Greg: oh well excuse me I didnt know you were the fucking king of dragonrealms
poppyseed cake
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Baelor on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:34 pm

< You kick your foot awkwardly at Netherlich's abdomen, hitting him with a heavy strike that knocks him down and out with a blow to the nether regions (Total loss of bowel control accompanies a twitching death!).
* Netherlich was just struck down!

* Netherlich is slain before your eyes!

A deep sense of guilt fills you, and you suddenly feel horrified at what you have done! You drop to your knees, tears of hot shame trickling down your cheeks.

A passerby runs off, screaming for the militia to arrest Clynlyn on the charge of murder!

A wretched filthiness defiles your soul.
[You're nimbly balanced]
[Roundtime 3 sec.]
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Urwin on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:50 pm

I whispered a few lines of the Mystyrain post to myself in happy reminisce.
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby huldah's pal on Mon Sep 22, 2008 4:56 pm

On Martyka's stone market table you see a white glazed clay jar painted with a grey knotwork maze and fitted with a silver rim labeled "Sindea Ashes",
Martyka says, "its not for sale, is the final resting place of my dear friend Sindea"
Martyka says, "whom walked the starry road today "
A glazed jar on a stone market table exclaims, "Help me! I'm not dead yet!"

This is one of my favourites.
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Derivan on Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:14 pm

Excellent work, thanks for the laughs.
Danaerys exclaims, "I like it hot hot hot!"

You exclaim to Blossium, "Woah!"
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby JHKPRDY on Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:15 pm

Excellent reading. Well done!
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Tom on Mon Sep 22, 2008 5:34 pm

This is quite remarkable. Who gets publishing rights for the book deal?
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Korsik on Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:08 pm

You say, "Pendus, I'll shoot a crossbow bolt into your groin."
You say, "I'm not scared."
Issus says, "Now that's what I call...."
Issus turns a gear on the side of his goggles. The lenses slowly flip from violet to cyan.
Issus says, "Nuts and bolts."
Issus yells, "Yeeeeeeahhhh!"
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Re: SC Wall of Shame

Postby Galren on Mon Sep 22, 2008 6:26 pm

I love you Sara
The internet's ideologies are based on a technique I'm sure you've heard of. It's called "lying."
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